Chart Of Who Was And Wasn't Present For Games Played. Edit

If a member of Stumpt has a blank square it means they didn't participate.
If a member of Stumpt has an " o " in their square, it means that they partly participated.
If a member of Stumpt has an " x " in their square, it means they fully participated.

Game Series Ash Rik Price Jas Notes
Ark: Survival Evolved x
Armello x x x x
Binding of Isaac Rebirth x o
Broforce x x x x
Cavern Kings x
Chroma Squad x
Cities Skylines x
Civilization V x x x x
Civilization Beyond Earth x x x x
Costume Quest 2 o x
Counterspy x o o o Ash had the controller in both episodes, but Price was watching in the first and Price Rik and Jasmine were in the second
Crawl x x x x
Crypt of the Necrodancer o x
Darkest Dungeon x
Diner Bros x x x x Stumpt Price did solo on his channel
Dinosaurs in My House x x x x
Don't Starve Together x x x x Stumpt Industries originally played this as part of the Stumpt timeline. In 2017, the whole Stumpt gang started playing. Since then, there have been 3 seasons and several Let's Plays with Jas, Rik, and Price.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse x
Dropsy o x Jas plays with Ash supporting
Duck Game x x x x
Escapists 2 x x x x Price plays solo on his channel
E.V.O. x
Evolve x x x x
Factorio x
Farsky x
Forced x x x x
The Forest x x
The Flame and the Flood x
Friendship Club x x x x Formerly known as Timmy Bibble's Friendship Club
Gang Beasts x x x x
Garry's Mod x x x x
Gauntlet x x x x
Geoguessr x x x x
Grim Fandango o x
Hammerwatch x x x x
Helldivers x x x x
ibb and obb x x
Ink x
Interplanetary x x x x
JazzPunk x x
Jumpjet Rex x x x x
Kerbal Space Program x o o o Ash played whilst the others supported him
Legend of Grimrock 2 o x
LittleBigPlanet 3 x x x x
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime x x
Mad Max x
Magicka 2 x x x x
Marvel Ultimate Alliance x x x x
McDroid x
Metal Slug 3 x x
Minecraft: Agrarian Skies x x
Minecraft: Ash's Zoo x x x x Minecraft series using the Feed the Beast Inifinity Mod
Minecraft: FtB Inifity with Sushix x x
Nidhogg x x x x
Nom Nom Galaxy x x x x
Octodad x o o x Ash and Jas played through the main game, all 4 took part in the extra shorts
Overcooked 1 x x x x
Overcooked 2 x x x x Stumpt Price did solo on his channel
Payday 2 x x x x
Plague Inc Evolved x o o o
Regular Human Basketball x x x x
Rocket League x x x x
Salt x
Screencheat x x x x
Scribblenauts Unmasked x o o o
Space Engineers x x x x
Speedrunners x x x x
Spore x
Sportsfriends x x x x
Starbound Returns x x x x
A Story About My Uncle x
Stranded Deep x
Subnautica x
Tearaway Unfolded x o Ash plays with Jas supporting with the companion app
This War of Mine x
Tiny Brains x x x x
Towerfall Ascension x x x x
Transistor x
Trine 3 x x x
Ultimate Chicken Horse x x x x
Unfair Jousting Fair x x x x
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter x o
Viva Pinata x o
Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise x o
Westerado x x
Worms Clan Wars x x x x
The Yawhg x x o x