This page is based off of the weaknesses and advantages about each member of Stumpt during Gang Beasts

Each of the member's strengths and weaknessesEdit

  • Ash, the yellow bear

Ash tends to lose much because rather than knocking out opponents, he tries to swing them into a pit or some kind of death. He is easily countered due to his lack of reaction time. However, he does tend to land devastating hits that usually knock out opponents in one blow, along with the drop-bear, the bear-copter tends to work well when throwing opponents, very accurate. He's often hard to kill with the Bear-versal getting him out of situations.

  • Rik, the red fox

Rik is a very good fighter, however, he is very aggressive and tends to lose focus. This can give more challenging opponents (Price) and upper-hand, that can lead to his death. Besides that, Rik usually wins or comes close to winning.

  • Price, the green/teal/purple dinosaur

Price, similliar to Rik, is very skilled at fighting. But he is very clumsy at doing so, which causes recoil to himself. Price tends to be Rik's #1 rival at gang beasts, and Price has a large win majority compared to others.

  • Jas, the blue chicken

Jas usually lacks a weakness, the reason she may not win as much is because she charges headfirst at others, which players who wait out (Rik) outlast her and win. Besides that, the player would have to put her in an unescapable trap for her to die, due to Jas always turning the tides.


  •  It can be confirmed Rik rivals Price, as on the main Stumpt channel there was once a banner of the Gondola  stage which had them fighting on the left gondola.
  •  Most of Ash's victory's were because of one powerful blow.
  •  Rik tends to be the main victim of Ash's OHKO's.

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