Jasmine (Jas for short) is one of the four members of Stumpt, as well as Ash's wife. She is the only female member of the group. Jas is known for the fact that although she is nice and often helps the other members, she has quite a large part of her which likes to play jokes on everyone else and can also sometimes come off as cruel.

Jas is part of one of the two duo-groups in Stumpt, called "Stumpt Industries". The group also includes Price. The other group is called "Rash Incorporated." and is comprised of Rik and Ash.

Jas has her own YouTube channel called Stumpt Jas. Jas uploads various single-player gameplay. Occasionally Jas uploads 2 player gameplay, one-off gameplay videos and vlogs. Sometimes, her game tag is Chickowitz

Appearance Edit

Jas has long black hair with blue tips. She also wears glasses and has brown eyes.

In Let's PlaysEdit

Don't Starve Together Edit

In Don't Starve Together, Jas is known for being more experienced than the rest of Stumpt. She is normally the one carrying the team, as she dies almost zero times every season. However, her advice get trampled over by the boys hate for the game. She has played as Willow, Wigfrid, and Wickerbottom, though she stated her favorite character was Wendy. Jas also does solo plays and has done Let's Plays with Price and Rik.

Gang BeastsEdit

In Gang Beasts Jas is Player Two (blue) and uses the chicken kigurumi. Jas is quite good at Gang Beasts, and wins many matches. She is very crafty and sometimes comes back from what would appear to be certain doom, such as by geisting (characters glitching and stretching into objects)

Crawl Edit

In Crawl, Jas is notorious for the use of the Worm and the Spiked Worm to draw out the combat, and in a few cases, single-handedly killing the hero to the extreme annoyance of whoever is unfortunate to be the hero.

Ultimate Chicken HorseEdit

In Ultimate Chicken Horse, similar to Gang Beasts, she uses the chicken avatar. She doesn't win very often but has a tendency to be sneaky and annoying about her placement of traps; she probably gets the most trap points out of anyone in the group.



  • Jas does all the channel banners and some thumbnails for Stumpt, Stumpt Rik, Stumpt Price, Stumpt Live and her own channel as well as the logos for all. She also creates the emotes for the StumptGamers Twitch channel.
  • She has dyed her hair blue.
  • Jas is the only member of Stumpt that's female.
  • Jas is a poultrygeist (portmanteau of poultry and poltergeist), due to her occasion to bug out in Gang Beasts and stretch through the walls alongside her usual character of the Chicken.
  • Lava Steve may have a crush on Jas.


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