Lava Steve

Lava Steve, first created in Crawl, Round 3, was also created, with a Lava Emporium, in Spore. Lava Steve's voice is acted by Price.


  • In Crawl, as a creature in the world.
  • Later, and much more popularly, Lava Steve is the smal, red, skinny demon monster which attacks by placing lava on the floor for others to step in.
  • He is referenced in the Stumptlandia series, with Price and Jas saying it was a thing that only Portlandians would get.
  • He exists in the Shattered Skies series, living on a floating island which (formerly) had a hammock, a roll of toilet paper, and more space.


  • Whenever Lava Steve is referenced, Price always says "Lava Steve's Lava Emporium; for all your lava needs."
  • He seems to have a crush on Jasmine.(Minecraft:Shattered Skies Ep 3)
  • Lava Steve's Lava Emporium is "Off Highway 217, on Shoalsbury Road, open Mondays through Friday till 8."