Minecraft: Ash's Zoo is a modded Minecraft series Stumpt has played on their YouTube channel using a modpack that they have added to.

Minecraft: Ash's Zoo YouTube series playlist

About Minecraft: Ash's Zoo Edit

The Minecraft: Ash's Zoo series uses the Feed the Beast Infinity mod pack. This modded version of Minecraft had Better Breeds, Chococraft and Fossils Archeology Revival added to the modpack. Those mods are the basis of the zoo and begin as the exhibits.

The Start Of The Series Edit

The series starts with Ash and Jas creating their home and some exhibits. Rik joins as a farmhand at first, leaving for a period of time where Price joins, then returning again.

Along the period of the series, Jas herds and ranches some Chocobos and successfully breeds a gold Chocobo. From a rail experiment by Ash, a pig affectionately dubbed 'Gordon' is accidentally killed by Ash when he tries to get Gordon out of the cart. Jas opens up a world to Botania and then uses witchcraft to revive Gordon once again.

The zoo comes to ruin through demons and hydras being summoned. As they all try to save some of the animals, the hydra burns everything to the ground. Price decides to leave for a sunken ship, opening the red door. He falls for a while, leading to Minecraft: Hubris.

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