Minecraft: Hubris is a modded Minecraft series Stumpt has played on their YouTube channel and it was the modpack that focused more on magic than all others.

Minecraft: Hubris YouTube series playlist

About Minecraft: Hubris Edit

The Minecraft: Hubris series uses the Hubris mod pack containing many magic-oriented mods. This modded version of Minecraft mainly focuses on Thaumcraft, Botania and Ars Magica. The modpack also includes a story line from a quest book with a concentration on curing and history of the taint.

The Start Of The Series Edit

The series starts with Price falling from the skies, landing into a river. He discovers the rest of Stumpt preserved in a casing, awakening them again.

Price discovers a small untainted part of land with Rik, and they decide to create their home in that area. They create a platform slightly suspended above the ground to prevent taint infection with a farm.

Rik and Price begin to work in Ars Magica while Ash and Jas begin Thaumcraft. Near their home, Jas finds a chest in a fountain containing a book. The book reads:

  • Dear Swamp Spider,

Please fill this fountain with loads of gross purple water. The tainty kind.

You're the best.

A.B. In Jas' pursuit of Thaumcraft, a bug in the quest shows that she has completed it, giving 5 Ethereal Blooms for completion. They all claim the quest, give the blooms to Jas to plant. This cures more land around their base and decide to place some around the village as well. Jas finds the tainted remains of the zoo. They sadly explore the disintegrated parts of the zoo and find another journal entry. They begin to piece everything together from the entry.

  • Journal Entry 9:

Boat didn't survive the storm. Left message for the travelers. Seems to have worked, as no one is left at the Zoo.

Hope to meet them soon. Rik and Price gain more spells. Rik also takes ownership of the village, naming it appropriately as 'Riktoria'. While he does this, Price tries his hand at Botania under the guide of Jas. They all summon the Water Elemental to fight and defeat it with their array of magical spells. They discover what remains of a soup factory, find a chest with many soups and drink it. Rik finds a journal of lab entries. They read:

  • Lab Entry 1:


  • Lab Entry 2:

(JH#3jgprogressing nicely. This planets [sic] crop yeilds [sic] are proving better than expected. There are some concerns of tain*32hq0hqgfhapgpaNGPt333tthe brothers have assured me that it's of no concern...

  • Lab Entry 3:

(**(((37(-having to deal with more and more corrupted animals. I've checked in with the other Processing Labs, they are reporting the same. I'm starting to get concerned abo#(Q)85205-6PJNF3808&83*^@8628_

  • Lab Entry 4:

((#)#HJqhgpGH#(h)#QH)Ghn3OhQ#don't give a damn how much they're paying me! What we're doing here is wrong. This planet is3906(#)Q*0*J@NFfikf2...

  • Lab Entry 5:

3h0gh03a39*#&92will be my final entry. We've exhausted this planet. I've already been assigned my next detail. I'm just not sure I can justify this to myself any3)#O@(JGFAQNG3jgapgj3(JO29082150538(@#) They defeat the Earth Elemental in a small underground arena. Adventuring once again, they find the cell where Price was kept after escaping the zoo. Rik finds another journal entry, presumably before the last journal at Journal Entry 7.

  • Journal Entry 7:

Exciting news! Initial scans all look good! I believe I've found the correct Price, which means I've found them again! I'm going to allow him to escape tonight with my jetpack. That should lead me back to them. As they purify the land more, a crashed satellite appears a few feet from their house and an explosion is heard. They discover many dungeons and temples on the way. Price creates a rail line from their house to Riktoria as Ash brings back their hobgoblin, Gobby who left after Price called him a rather offensive term.

At the end of the series, Fake Rik is writing in a book. He writes:


Around the village, more satellites appear. They begin to pour taint upon the houses and corrupting all near it. They can only watch as everything begins to corrupt. As they evacuated to Rik's bunker, most of the villagers have completely been killed by the taint. The entire Stumpt gang begin to quickly panicking. turning on each other and going crazy. When Price angrily wants to leave because of the others' wanting to eat him if they run out of food, Fake Rik appears to explain everything to them.

He explains that he destroyed Stumptlandia to lose attention from the Alabaster Brothers, and that he was a future Rik who came back in time to save all four of them again as he sees them die multiple times Fake Rik asks them to go through the portal. The others ask if he is going along with them. To convince them to leave the tainted land, he leaves knowing that he will die. Fake Rik dies, Rik himself vowing to build a memorial in honor of him. They leave into a hole below them and fall. This leads to Minecraft: Shattered Skies.