Minecraft: Villages is a modded Minecraft series Stumpt has played on their YouTube channel and it was the first modpack they played that was created by themselves.

Minecraft: Villages YouTube series playlist

About Minecraft: Villages Edit

The Minecraft: Villages series uses the Stumpt Village mod pack containing many colony-building mods and mobs. This modded version of Minecraft has a rotating eating mod called Spice of Life which forces Stumpt to eat different types of food each time to refill hunger. The modpack includes two colony-building mods, Harvest Festival and MineColonies.

The Start Of The Series Edit

The series starts with Stumpt meeting Kakujo in a ruined town, him warning of the villagers and leaving a flower.

Along the period of the series, Price actually doesn't mess with any bees or machines and instead starts a farm which is the main source of their food. He proceeds and progresses in Harvest Festival. They all earn pets for their village, then a swarm of monsters from a horse.

Jas becomes Mayor Jas of the Minecolony they started. Jas progresses in Botania to make Terrasteel armor. With Ash, they both break open many Chance Cubes and attempt to run the colony, giving up later eventually. She trades in her chicken pet for a sword. They ride their horses to a kingdom, helping the king to rebuild it and defeat an automaton.

Ash tries to create some Chance Cubes, leading to an awful surprise. Rik and Ash explore dungeons in the series. He explores the Deep Dark, dying there multiple times.

Rik was given the Aurora Sword by the king. He accomplishes a few quests from the kingdom. At the end of the series, he rendezvoused with an unknown character in the Deep Dark, making a deal with him.

The villagers revolt against Price and the rest for giving them a curry with dyes in it, even though it was what they asked for. This forces them out of their town and meet with Kakujo to a spaceship, leaving that planet. This leads to Minecraft: Invasion.