What is Minecraft: Shattered Skies?

Minecraft: Shattered Skies is a modded Minecraft series that the YouTube and Twitch gaming group Stumpt played.The series took place on an island in the sky with little resources. Stumpt used various mod packs for the series.

About Minecraft: Shattered Skies

The first episode of the series was uploaded to Stumpts YouTube channel on the 9th of May, 2016.

The Last episode of the series was uploaded to Stumpts YouTube channel on the 7th of December, 2016.

The series took place on an island floating in the sky which had very little resources. Stumpt used various mod packs for the series. The main mod(s) that was/were used was the Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Skyblock mod pack.

This Modded version of Minecraft had Stumpt harvest trees and use the leaves and saplings from the trees to make dirt by putting them in a wooden barrel to compost and using that dirt to plant more trees. It also had Stumpt use silkworms they'd sometimes get from harvesting a tree and put them into the leaves of a tree and get silk from the leaves when you harvest them. That string could then be used to make a sieve which filtered a few different type of blocks that were put through it and gave Stumpt various items which in turn would help them get better items.

The Start Of The Series.

At the start of the series, Stumpt continuously planted and harvested trees and used the trees resources to make tools and other basic and needed items. Rik started mining parts of the stone on their small sky island for cobblestone and found 3 iron ore. Rik mined the 3 iron ore and smelted it into 3 iron ingots but without thinking about what the iron should be used for, Rik used the 3 iron ingots to make a iron pickaxe. Jas, Ash and Price asked him why did he make an iron pickaxe and Rik said "I thought that's what we're doing" And then Jas, Ash and Price tell him that the iron is meant to be used to make a bucket.

Rik felt bad about what he had done so he tried to go to a nearby sky island to try and get more iron ore but while trying to climb up a part of the pre-spawned house which since the start of the first episode had been mined away by Stumpt; Rik fell off the sky island with the iron pickaxe in his hand and lost the iron pick.

Stumpt made some wooden barrels and put some of the trees resources into it and let it compost so it would eventually give them dirt. They then used the dirt they got to be able to grow more trees. Jas got a silkworm from harvesting a tree and put it in the trees leaves so that the silkworm could grow and 'silkify' the rest of the trees leaves and Jas and Price collected the string they got from harvesting the silkworm infested leaves. Price used the string that he and Jas had collected to make a sieve.

Using the cobblestone that Stumpt had collected from mining the sky islands stone, Price made a wooden hammer and used the hammer to turn the cobblestone blocks into gravel and sieved them using the sieve to get resources.

Stumpt build a walkway to a nearby island that had lava on it and found a creature on the island named Lava Steve. Stumpt found that he had a hammock and a not so nice toilet with toilet roll (the toilet was a hole in the sky island for all of your body's waste to fall down to the abyss).

Stumpt had trouble getting onto a nearby island that they saw as there was an aggressive fairy named Tinkles on the island who would try and kill anyone who would try and steal the water and other items on his island. This lead to a very funny moment in episode 3.

What Happened After The Start Of The Series?

Stumpt gathered lots of resources and made their island bigger. They managed to automate almost everything they had to do at the start of the series and Ash and Rik decided to go out and explore using the airship they built. Ash and Rik found and visited a dilapidated floating house which had a windmill attached to it along with 3 skeletons and various pieces of furniture.

However, When Ash, who was controlling the airship tried to land the airship he didn't do it correctly causing the airship to slowly sink. the airship wouldn't have fell down to the bottom of the world if Ash hadn't accidentally pushed it off. Ash fell off the floating house and died while trying to get the airship to land correctly resulting in Rik who got off, to be stranded at the floating house. Rik looked around to see was there anything interesting or of curiosity in the house but there was nothing of curiosity there except a book and a map that he didn't seem to notice.

After a few minutes, Ash build a small airship and then he and Jas flew over to Rik to try and rescue him. Once they arrived, Jas inspected the place and found the book and read it. The book said:

Journal Entry 1
We're leaving the city today. It's scary. I've lived here my whole life. Dad says it'll be an adventure! He's off to find something... something to help the city. I'm scared, but excited!
Journal Entry 2
We've been flying for 3 days now. Mom cooked sausages tonight. My fav! I hope they last for the whole trip. Dad has been looking at the map for so long. He so badly wants to find something to help the city...
Journal Entry 3
It's been 7 days. Mom and Dan have been arguing the last few days. Mom is scared. I think she wants to turn back. I'm scared too. We've seen nothing but empty skies since we left.
Journal Entry 4
I SAW SOMETHING! Far off on the horizon I swear I saw another flying ship! I screamed and Dad was soooo excited! We have changed course and are now headed in its direction.
Journal Entry 5
We're going to die. Our engines are on fire. Dad is trying to get them going again. It's no use. Mom and I huddled behind the table. Nowhere to hide. They keep firing their cannons.

Ash looked at the maps and took them to bring home. the maps showed some building in an area together (like a town, or a kingdom).

When Jas, Ash and Rik tried to go home, Ash accidentally dismounted the airship causing Jas and Rik as well as himself to fall to their deaths. They all re-spawned back at home.

Stumpt continued to build better equipment, build & make more things and improve almost everything on their island.

In episode 48 Stumpt decided to all get onto their airship and sail beyond the floating, dilapidated house. Eventually Stumpt found the kingdom and then they went to explore it. They found that the kingdom had a pig factory, a cake shop, a livestock shop, an armour shop, a bar, a church, a Mayors office and other various shops and buildings. Stumpt noticed there was a good bit of gold in the Kingdom and when Stumpt were exploring the kingdom they took various things from the island like armour, gold, food, etc.

While exploring the island, Stumpt went into a tower and found there was some easy parkour in the tower so they did the parkour and when they reached the top they found a book that said:


Stumpt then went to the church to investigate. They walked into the church to find bits of gold at the altar and some gold in donation chests. There was a priest at the altar and his name was Seinkan. The priest said a few different things like "Empty your pockets to the Golden Gods!", "May the Golden God smash those bandits out of the sky!" and "Praise the Golden God!". Jas looked behind Seinkan at the alter and found a golden sword in a sword pedestal. Jas took the golden sword from the sword pedestal as she was trying to loot (take/steal) it. The golden sword being taken out of its pedestal opened up a secret entrance with a ladder to a floor below the ground floor of the church. Stumpt climbed down the ladder and into the hidden floor and found a room that was filled with gold.

Stumpt found a book on a wooden table that said:

Prisoner 1:
Was overheard at tavern that he had been skimming gold from the donations and using it to buy food. Questioning on him proved fruitless. He never admitted to his crimes. Food being withheld until he admits or dies.
Prisoner 2:
Rumoured to be working with the bandits. After heavy questioning the prisoner seemed to pass out and not wake up. Will have to ask our questioner to go more lightly next time.
Prisoner 3:
Rumoured to be working with the bandits. Questioning has been fruitless so far. Will threaten to give him a gold bath tomorrow.

Stumpt explored more of the secret floor and found a man who was a resident of the kingdom in a prison cell. Stumpt found out that the mans name was Benjamin and when Rik tried to talk to Benjamin, this is what's said:

Rik: What?
Benjamin: Oh! You're not one of them... thank goodness. Who are you?
Rik: I'm Rik. I just arrived in town. And just found this crazy gold dungeon.
Benjamin: Well it's a damn pleasure to meet you, Rik. You're from out of town? Maybe you can help...
Rik: Help with what?
Benjamin: I was getting too close to the truth. This city... is a monster. A literal monster. Something isn't right here. I was SO CLOSE to finding the truth, then the damn Mayor caught wind of what I was doing, and next thing I know I'm behind bars!
Rik: The Mayor?
Benjamin: That's right. The Mayor. We need to collect more evidence. Something isn't right in this town. Sneak around his office. Find the town's ledger. I'll bet you anything he's cooking the books!
Rik: I'll do it!
Benjamin: Fantastic. Go to the City Hall and start snooping around!

Stumpt made their way to the City Hall and found Mayor Samwell was there. They all saw that he had a book on his desk so Price distracted him while Rik, Jas and Ash tried to sneakily take the book. Rik managed to take the book so he left the City Hall. Rik opened the book up when Price, Jas and Ash got outside. It said:

Totally Legit Ledger:
- Like 5 cows.
- Bunch of pigs.
- Some horses.
- Not much gold.
Town is poor on gold.
Tax the town more.

After hearing Rik read this aloud, Stumpt knew that this wasn't the real ledger they were looking for and that it was in fact a fake. So Stumpt went back to the City Hall and Price distracted Mayor Samwell while Rik put the fake ledger back and took the real ledger. Rik managed to take the real ledger undetected and Stumpt left the Town Hall once again.

Rik opened the real ledger up and read it aloud. It said:

Broken City Ledger
- Gold Intake: 563
- Gold Outtake: 532
We are getting dangerously close to not having enough gold. I can hear the belly of the island grumble in annoyance.

After reading the ledger, Stumpt return to Benjamin and Rik talks to him. This is what they say:

Benjamin: Ohhhhh this ledger is very interesting. he talks about the "islands belly"...
Rik: What the heck does that mean?
Benjamin: It must be some hidden room. Search the Mayors office for a switch that would open up a hidden room, and investigate it!
Rik: Will do!
Benjamin: Great. Come back to me if you find anything!

Stumpt then headed back to the Mayors office in search of a secret entrance to a secret room. Rik managed to find a lever to open a hole to a secret room. Stumpt dropped down the hole and found a room with a mysterious item on a pedestal and liquid gold flowing out in the back of the room. When Stumpt tried to open the door to get in it wouldn't budge, so then they tried to mine the see-through blocks that were the rooms walls but found out that the walls were actually magical walls which did not seem breakable.

Rik went back to Benjamin to tell him what they found and Benjamin said:

Benjamin: YOU FOUND IT! But you're locked out. These walls are stronger than anything I've EVER come across. DAMN! So close!
Benjamin: Alright. figuring out how to get past that door is going to take some serious thought. I'm afraid I haven't got a clue how to do it at the moment. You have any bright ideas?
Rik: I got nothing.
Benjamin: So we're both clueless. *Sigh*... DAMN! Alright I'm getting too worked up over this. Lets take some time. Think on it. When the time comes, I'll communicate with you via Ender Chest . You have one of those?
Rik: Uhhhhh... No?
Benjamin: Well that's going to be your first task. I use Ender Chests to communicate will all my contacts. Build one. I'll send you a message once your ready.
Rik: Will do.
Benjamin. Great! Talk to you soon.

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