Nidhogg 2 is a action fighting game played from a 2D perspective. Players start in the center, and must run to the end of the stage while also killing the other player in order to reach the Nidhogg.

About Nidhogg 2 Edit

Nidhogg 2 is the fourth game made by Messhof Games and published by themselves as the sequel to the game of the same genre, "Nidhogg". Nidhogg 2 has a drastically different art style from the first game in the series and quite more gory than the first. The sequel also possesses three more weapons to use.

About Stumpt's play through of Nidhogg 2 Edit

Stumpt released their first episode of Nidhogg 2 on the 23rd of July 2017. At that time, Stumpt recieved Nidhogg 2 pre-release.

A particular episode of note, Episode 3, the episode began with a warning that it was extremely long (49 mins) and "contains footage of the four of us (Ash, Jas, Rik and Kakujo) slowly losing our minds". Ash also warns to watch at your own risk. Rik and Jas comprised a round of 28 minutes, leading to many screams, shouts and laughter from all of them.