"Bottom Bits" is a show hosted by Rik. In each episode, he has taken $5 and bought three games with it. After spending a few minutes with each game, he gives it a short review and expresses his feelings for it. By the end of the episode Rik will select one of the three games to be the winner for that episode. There was a pilot episode on the main Stumpt channel, but afterwards it moved to Stumpt Branch, where it would primarily feature. Later, however, the series became accessible from Stumpt's home page.

Bottom Bits Episodes

Episode # Games Reviewed Winner of the Episode Episode Notes
1 Overcast, The Slaughtering Grounds, The Hatman The Hatman Pilot episode
2 Downwell, Woodle Tree Adventures, Call of Tomsk-7 Downwell First official episode, series is now on Stumpt Branch