Stumpt Branch was a subsidiary channel to Stumpt that was launched on November 1, 2015. The launch of the channel was promptly followed by a Stumpt Log at 8:00 PM, where Ash announced that the focus of Stumpt Branch would be primarily focused on single player, whereas the primary channel would house co-op or multiplayer. He also said that there would be some slight mixing of single and multiplayer. In a Stumpt log, Ash said the channel was going to feature primarily content featuring Rik, although the banner also features Price, and Price also creates content for the channel (primarily The Binding of Isaac). The first episode of the channel was the first official episode of Rik's Bottom Bits. (There was a "pilot" episode quite a bit earlier of the series.) Bottom Bits was also later ported to the main channel to be watched from there. New to the channel is a new mascot: Phil. The channel was eventually terminated due to a restructuring in the Stumpt format, and turned into Rik's own channel. They said that instead of having Stumpt Branch, the members of Stumpt would house their single-player content on their own channels.

Let's Plays Edit

Fallout: New Vegas

Vortex: The Gateway

Civ 5 Multiplayer - [Round 2]

Other Shows Edit

Rik's Bottom Bits


  • Most likely due to them not wanting to reuse Stumpy, who represented the main Stumpt channel, Stumpt invented a completely new mascot: Phil the acorn.
  • The Stumpt Branch banner depicts Rik and Price in a setting parodying Fallout 4.
    • In the banner, Price can be seen pouring a tin of salt onto the ground. This is a joke about how everybody always says that Price is the "saltiest" of all the Stumpt members.