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Who Are Stumpt?Edit

Stumpt are a gaming group that consists of 3 males by the names of Ash, Rik and Price and 1 female by the name of Jas. They are a 4-player dedicated channel on the video sharing website YouTube and they also stream on the live video streaming platform Twitch.

Stumpt also have their own website, has the latest videos from every Stumpt channel or Stumpt members channel. also has Stumpt's upload schedule for their main YouTube channel on their website as well as a blog, a separate channels section and a Stumpt merchandise shop

Their most popular series include Minecraft, Gang Beasts, Ultimate Chicken Horse and G.T.A. V, but they play many more games like Viva Pinata , Scrap Mechanic, Starbound and Dead by Daylight, just to name a few.

The current main series on their YouTube channel is Minecraft: Invasion.

Most of the Stumpt team have their individual channels like Stumpt Jas, Stumpt Rik, and Stumpt Price, who post individual content of their own playing either by themselves or with a friend either in the Stumpt team or outside the Stumpt team. Unlike Jas, Rik and Price, Ash is the only member of Stumpt who doesn't have an individual channel.

Stumpt YouTube Channels Edit


Stumpt Jas

Stumpt Rik

Stumpt Price

Members of StumptEdit

Stumpt Websites/ Stumpt Affiliated Websites/Other Edit

Groups in Stumpt Edit

Stumpt Industries Edit

  • Comprised of Price and Jas.
  • Has created a large soup company and a theme park.

Rash Incorporated Edit

  • Comprised of Ash and Rik.
  • Has a small list of crimes including genocide and mass deforestation.

Team Waffle Edit

Team Pancake Edit

Team Fusion Edit

  • Comprised of Rik and Price.

Team Married Edit

  • Comprised of Ash and Jas.

The Alabaster bros. Edit

  • Rivals of Stumpt Inc.
  • Wanted for various crimes: factories that have polluted the environment of several worlds, company sabotage and attempted murder on multiple occasions.

Let's PlaysEdit

On-going Let's PlaysEdit

Minecraft: Invasion

Weekly Series Edit

Episodic Series Edit

  • Crawl
  • A Gummy's Life
  • Shoot Shoot Mega Pack
  • Fat Mask

Finished Let's Plays Edit

Minecraft Let's plays

Other Let's Plays

  • Terraria
  • Starbound
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Far Sky
  • Factorio
  • Salt
  • Space Engineers
  • Civilization


Latest activityEdit

Welcome to the Stumpt Wiki! Here you'll find all the info you need on almost everything Stumpt or Stumpt related.


Stumpt's channel logo, named "Stumpy".


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