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Minecraft: Agrarian Skies YouTube series playlist


Stumptlandia was a theme park built by Stumpt Industries in the Agrarian Skies series and was meant to be opened to the public but Stumpt Industries dreams were quickly and shockingly shattered by the reveal that Rik was in fact fake Rik.

Stumptlandia was the first business venture attempted by Stumpt Industries.

After Rash Inc. was created, it included multiple attractions including a horror house, a maze, great food, a bar and a giant Rollercoaster.

Ash and Rik arrived at Stumplandia and paid for their tickets (They actually stole some of Jas and Prices items to pay for their tickets). Stumpt Industries gave them a tour of Stumptlandia and let them ride some of the rides. Stumpt Industries and Rash Incorporated then sat down and set off some fireworks and watched them, but as they were watching the fireworks, Rik flew up into the air and revealed that he was actually fake Rik.

Stumpt Industries and Ash tried to flee from fake Rik as he was dropping T.N.T. all over Stumptlandia. Ash got on the roller coaster in an attempt to escape from the chaotic destruction that fake Rik was causing but he fell out of the world and that it was the last time we saw Ash in the Agrarian Skies series.

Stumpt Industries ran to their portal and escaped by going through it but by doing so, Luggage, Jas' pet chest was left behind and could only be assumed at the time as to have been killed by fake Rik.

Stumplandia could've been successful if fake Rik hadn't have gone and blown it all up at the end of the Stumptlandia series.