The Alabaster Brothers are the rivals of Stumpt in the context of the Stumpt Story Arc.

They have committed a plethora  of crimes and misdeeds over the course of the Minecraft series Stumpt has put out. In the Minecraft series "Minecraft:Hubris", they blew up the Golden City. In Stumpt's modded Minecraft series "Minecraft:Shattered Skies"

They have committed things such as corporate espionage, attempted murder, sabotage, and more. Their origins and motives are a complete mystery. They may be the brothers from the legend of sky and night which is a main part of the story in Stumpt's modded Minecraft series "Minecraft:Shattered Skies". They also own a soup company. They appear to be searching for three wards. The Alabaster Brothers have already gotten one ward; The God Wings. Stumpt got the second ward; The Aurora Blade and the third ward; The Crown of Light.


  • The Alabaster Brothers are rivals of Stumpt and want to kill them.
  • Fake Rik prevented the Alabaster Brothers from killing Stumpt in Minecraft: Agrarian Skies and Minecraft:Hubris.
  • The Alabaster Brothers have wrecked and destroyed many planets and places with their purple taint which in Minecraft:Invasion was revealed to mine resources in the ground very efficiently. However, the purple taint was also revealed to increase anger and violence in all humans that get near or interact with it. These side effects were what caused almost all humans, animals and hostile mobs to become increasingly angry and violent towards Stumpt in Minecraft:Hubris and Minecraft:Invasion.
  • The Alabaster Brothers only have one of the wards; The God Wings while Stumpt have the other two wards; The Aurora Blade and The Crown Of Light.
  • we might know the name of one of the two brothers (the one that stole the god wings). as he steals the wings, you can see his name. the name of this half of the 2 alabaster brothers is warren.