What is The Escapists 2? Edit

The Escapists 2 is a strategy and simulation game played from a top-down perspective. Players must assume the role of an inmate and must try to escape from prisons of increasing difficulty.

About The Escapists 2 Edit

The Escapists 2 is the second game made by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 for the strategy and prison escape game series "The Escapists". The Escapists 2 is the first game in the "The Escapists" series to support up to 4 players offline (local co-op/couch co-op) and up to 4 players online (online co-op).

About Stumpt play through of The Escapists 2 Edit

Stumpt released their first episode of their The Escapists 2 play through on the 1st of August 2017. Stumpt got an unfinished version of the game from the games publishers Team 17.

In episode 4, Stumpt told us that they had to start the game all over again due to some bugs in the game since it is an unfinished version of the game, which is set to release on the 22nd of August for all platforms except the Nintendo Switch, which does not currently have a release date set.