What is Tricky Towers? Edit

Tricky Towers is a multiplayer physics-based tower building game with three different modes and difficulties, modes being Survival, Puzzle and Race and difficulties are by Easy, Normal and Special. Spells can also be used at times to either harm your rivals (black magic) or help your own tower (white magic). Different skins and characters are available to choose as aesthetics.

About Tricky Towers Edit

Tricky Towers Game ModesEdit

Tricky Towers has three different modes.

  • In Survival mode, players have three lives. Whenever a block falls off below, they lose one life. Players must either be the last tower remaining or finish the set amount of blocks to win. As each player loses, the blocks falls faster. Players are ranked by who dies first to last or if all blocks are used, whoever reaches the timer first.
  • In Puzzle mode, players must stack as many blocks as possible onto a small base below a laser line. Like Survival mode, whenever a block is lost, a penalty is given. This penalty is that the base moves higher to the line. When a block touches the laser line, you can no longer place any blocks but set your score of blocks. People are ranked by the amount of blocks, the one with the most wins.
  • In Race mode, players must only build high enough to reach a finish line. There are no penalties for losing blocks, and there are no lives. The finish line also lowers gradually as the time goes on. Players are ranked by who had the tallest tower but only can finish when one player touches the finish and stays for a few seconds.

Tricky Towers Difficulty LevelsEdit

  • The Easy difficulty mostly has no negative spells and only white magic.
  • Normal difficulty contain both black and white magic.
  • Special difficulty has a more varying amount of circumstances. In Survival mode with Special difficulty, every player will have a random black magic effect on them from time to time. Blocks will fall at a much faster rate. In Puzzle mode with special difficulty, you get no magic and must build off a pole with wedges on the sides. In Race mode with Special difficulty, wind pushes your blocks in a direction that forces you to stabilize your tower more.

About Stumpt's play through of Tricky Towers Edit

Stumpt released their first episode of their Tricky Towers play through on the 6th of September 2016. Stumpt released it periodically from time to time across months.


  • In Episode 10, Jas steals a win from Rik by time in Race mods with Special difficulty.
  • In Episode 12, it is shown there is a tiebreaker end when Ash and Jas have the same amount of points to win. Everybody participates in this tiebreaker, leading to a close win to Jas.