Hey everyone! I am happy to announce that there is some new Bureaucrats, Admins and Mods!

Stumpt themselves along with their official mod team are now Admins and Bureaucrats on this Wiki!

For now, they will all be using one account between them, but this may change in the future. I will note though that they will not be active in terms of adding to the Wiki a lot as they agreed to me asking them if they wanted Bureaucrat and Admin privileges so they could look over the Wiki and make sure no personal information and etc. gets on the Wiki. The account they use is StumptGamers.

We also have a new Mod in the Stumpt Wiki!

This new mods name is "Mr. Newton 2.0", previously known as "Mr. Newton". Mr Newton 2.0 has been editing in the Stumpt Wiki for over 1 and a half years now and has added a lot of info to the Stumpt Wiki and deleted some nasty edits made by anonymous users. (This was all before I started editing the Wiki and was given Bureaucrat and Admin privileges by Wikia/FANDOM/FANDOM by Wikia staff). The account Mr. Newton 2.0 uses is Mr. Newton 2.0

If you've any issues or questions you should contact either me/SamCraftRecon or Mr. Newton 2.0 as we are usually more active on the Stumpt Wiki than the StumptGamers account.

Thanks everyone! 🙂