Hello everyone! I noticed a few weeks ago that the only Admin and Bureaucrat who is also the creator of this Wiki/Wikia has not been active for over a year. So I decided to try and adopt the Stumpt Wiki/Wikia and my request to the Wikia staff/FANDOM staff was accepted! 

I'm just writing this blog to tell you all about this and that the Stumpt Wki/Wikia will now be moderated by me and (hopefully soon), some of Stumpts official mods from Stumpt's official Discord server and their official Twitch channel.

I want to make the Stumpt Wiki/Wikia better in any way I can and I love contributing to the Stumpt Wiki/Wikia and that is one reason why I went and adopted this Wiki/Wikia. I'm still a bit new to some parts of Wikia/FANDOM by Wikia but hopefully I'll learn quickly and make the Stumpt Wiki/Wikia a better place.

I'm hoping that maybe I can add achievements to this Wiki/Wikia but I'll have to have a chat with the (hopefully soon) Stumpt mods about it. 

If you have any suggestions, problems or questions, please send them my way or to another Admin and We'll try and answer and take care of it all to the best of our abilities. And if you see any spamming, rude content, nudity, etc. put on the Stumpt Wiki/Wikia, please report it to us and if you feel it is needed, to the Wikia/FANDOM powered by Wikia staff. We'll try to remove it as soon as we can.

Also, If you see any errors or glitches and/or bugs on any part of the Stumpt Wiki/Wikia, please tell me or the other (hopefully soon to be) Stumpt mods.

Thanks everyone! SamCraftRecon (talk) 23:17, July 23, 2017 (UTC)